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Thrissur MCH gets telemedicine Covid ICU, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Oct 18, 2020

THRISSUR: A telemedicine Covid ICU opened at the Thrissur Medical College Hospital – the first in the state — as the district recorded 1,109 novel coronavirus cases on Saturday. A centralized swab-test facility was also launched at the MCH.

According to hospital authorities, the telemedicine ICU will ensure that patients are provided critical care even when expert doctors are not physically present. The facility will cover 15 beds.

“Essentially this is a CCTV-facilitated patient monitoring-care facility and it can be extended to other Covid ICUs in other hospitals as well. There are proposals to replicate the Thrissur MCH model in other districts as well,” they said.

Even though the number of Covid-19 cases has been increasing in the district, a reassuring fact is that those requiring ICU care has not been rising concurrently.

According to health authorities, the total number of Covid patients in the ICUs of different hospitals in the district on Saturday was only 56 , and among them those requiring ventilator support was just 15, including in private and government hospitals.

“Even though we may not require the telemedicine ICU at this stage, this is a proactive strategy to meet future requirements, said Dr C Raveendran, MCH liaison officer.

The swab-test centre will function from 9am to 6pm. Nearly 300 people approach the MCH for swab tests for Covid-19 every day, and the new centre will have facilities to cater to all of them. The results can be made available within half an hour and the service is provided free. In comparison, private labs charge over Rs 2,000 for a swab test, MCH officials said.

Meanwhile, district health authorities said all the 1,109 persons who tested positive on Saturday acquired infection through contacts. The district also recorded 1,227 Covid recoveries on the day.

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