• January 20, 2021

Masina Heart Institute launches portable Advanced Cardiac Care Unit, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Nov 5, 2020

New Delhi: Masina Heart Institute, a venture of Masina Hospital, has recently installed a pre-fabricated transportable ICU by Philips. According to a release, the installation setup will be used as an Advanced Cardiac Care Unit (ACCU), aimed towards treating patients suffering from cardiac ailments in a Covid safe environment. With this ACCU, the hospital will be able to treat patients in a completely safe manner and provide heart treatment without any risk of infection.

This ACCU is installed in an open space in order to provide independent cubicles with fresh air cycles, an HVAC system and a self-disinfecting washroom facility to prevent the risk of infections to the heart patients. This ACCU is designed to provide safety against Covid and cross contamination in patients, while offering all the required facilities for an ICU. Headed by Dr. Zainulabedin Hamdulay, patients will be under the treatment of consultants, intensivists, & nursing staff.

“Under this ACCU, we have 9 self-sufficient and independent anti-bacterial, independent HVAC system (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) approved by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) cubicles with critical care and monitoring support. The unit is equipped with independent high-end medical gas air compressors, vacuum pumps and oxygen manifold, ventilators, defibrillator, nursing station and utility area. For Covid positive lung or heart failure patients, all the necessary acute ECMO services will be provided under this unit, even a Covid positive patient with an acute heart attack can be given emergency treatment in this unit without affecting other patients.”, said Dr. Zainulabedin Hamdulay, Cardiothoracic Surgeon & Chairman – Masina Heart Institute.

This set-up was inaugurated by Yashwant Jadhav, Chairman Standing Committee – BMC, Yamini Jadhav, MLA – Byculla and Sonam Manoj Jamsutkar – Corporator.

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