• April 13, 2021

Healthcare executives give advice to President-elect Joe Biden

Nov 15, 2020

“We support President-elect Biden’s focus on addressing the urgent needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but believe there must be a focus on the social determinants of health that have exacerbated the situation. …We strongly urge the president-elect to work with Congress to create a national commission—one that includes industry leaders—focused on creating a new model of care that addresses both the immediate and underlying causes of poor health and health inequalities.”

Randy Oostra
President and CEO

“I would encourage President-elect Biden to free the FDA, CDC and other scientific and medicine-based agencies from political influence. I would advise him to fund the agencies responsible for pandemic preparation and responses as we will see more pandemic threats in the future, in addition to rejoining the World Health Organization. As to hospitals—to evaluate overregulation and underfunding particularly for safety-net hospitals serving the underserved.”

Chris Van Gorder
President and CEO
Scripps Health

“Policy and overregulation of the healthcare industry is increasing the cost of care by hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Over course of the almost 50 years that I’ve been in healthcare, we have added layers upon layers of regulations, attempting to correct the challenges created by the last batch of regulations. (It is) time to step back, be honest, and realize that, yes the baby is ugly.”

Chuck Christian
Vice president of technology
Franciscan Health

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