• January 24, 2021

Healthcare employment recovery still sluggish in October

Nov 6, 2020

October was a strong month for hospitals, which added an estimated 16,200 jobs. That’s after employment in the sector shrunk by 3,900 jobs in September.

As usual, ambulatory services dominated that hiring, comprising 87%, or an estimated 50,700 jobs added. Physicians’ offices added 14,300 jobs in October, a 0.7% bump from September, and dentists’ offices added 10,800 jobs, up 1.1% from the prior month. Outpatient care centers added 9,700 jobs in October, up 1%, the preliminary data show.

Nursing homes continue to struggle during the pandemic, shedding an estimated 4,900 jobs in October. That’s slightly improved from September, when nursing homes lost 1,900 jobs.

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